Our Exclusive Home-Based Network Partners

Are you having problems deciding where to start your company? Feel free to browse our network of business partners and suppliers, which includes everything from packaging resources to 3D prototyping services.

Ideagen 3D

We are a team of 3D printing enthusiasts, determined to share our passion for additive manufacturing with everyone. We offer services such as rapid prototyping and consultation. Let’s create now!

Carte - E-Commerce Store Builder

We provide no-code solutions to create simple, beautiful e-commerce for your home-based businesses. Create yours now!

Marketing Tele-Bot

Try out Locable’s marketing telegram bot for free to get your home-based businesses discovered by more. Let’s get social!

Print Tyrant - Printing and Branding

We are a one-stop retail store. We offer high-quality printouts. Our services range from name cards to posters.

Interwaters - Packaging Supplier

We are a local wholesaler for various packaging needs, from general boxes to customizations. We emphasise on quality and efficient deliveries.

Delivery Pooling Services

Tap into Locable’s exclusive network of freelance deliverers to get delivery work done faster and cheaper by leveraging economies of scale.