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and 100+ local brands!

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01 Reach the Right Audience

Reach new customers who are interested in your products or services through Loca’s location and category matching tools.

02 Automate your Discovery

Constantly increase your brand awareness with our discovery listing system which encourages audiences to learn more about your story.

03 Engage Audiences Better

Connect with more customers through our seamless transition from Loca to your social media pages.


Is Locabot free?

Listing and discovering home-based businesses on Loca will always be FREE!

Do I need to download Telegram to list my business?

Nope, all you need is a Google account to fill in our form and your business will automatically be listed on Loca 😊

Can I edit my listing information?

Yes , you can! Just remember to save the link on the completion page after you submit the form, and you can edit the content of your listing at any time with the unique URL generated.

What features are coming out for locabot in the future?

We are planning to include exciting features such as games, giveaways, mystery gifts, and more! Look forward to them!

I have a feature request/suggestion. Who should I contact?

We welcome all suggestions! Feel free to contact us anytime via email: hello@locable.sg or via telegram @locable

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Share your Story

Tell us about your business. Remember to save the unique link on the form completion page to edit your listing!


Categorize your Business

Share where your business is located and categorize what you do to connect with relevant customers.

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye out for upcoming games and events featuring your business! Follow us on social media to stay up to date on future initiatives.